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Tip – Threshold Setups

Here is how to use the Hor$ession thresholds to control “penalties”…

It’s the selection called “Facet Thresholds” under the Maintenance menu

NOTE: These settings are applied to ALL races AND ALL horses.


Step 1: Bring up the generic Threshold control screen


By applying thresholds to any facet, you can reduce the penalty to the score for that facet, of any horse that falls below the criteria you define, in two separate and distinct ways:


Step 2: Make Cutoff and Penalty adjustments


Note that if you don’t change the defaults (0 for Cutoff AND 0 for Penalty), Expert doesn’t make any adjustments.


In this example, there are changes to two of the facets, so let’s look at how they will be applied to a race:


Step 2: Make a “No Data” Penalty adjustment


Note that if you don’t change the default (100), Expert doesn’t make any adjustment.


In this example, the “No Data” Penalty has been reduced from 100% to 25% for any horse who doesn’t have a Workout value (this means that the new penalty for not having useable workout data will result in the value being reduced from -1.0 Expert points to -0.25 Expert points.


If you need more details on the thresholds controls, see page 21 of the updated User Manual.