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Tip - Pre-Race Screening

Here is how to create a Hor$trategy to pre-screen races…

Don't forget to name them and then click on the Save button AND then the Define button


Each of the items on this screen allows you to fine tune how you adjust a race’s playability. The decisions made here impact the decision made for the race. The default profile – aka Generic – doesn’t upgrade or downgrade the race. Making adjustments is how it happens. Let’s take a look at what I use when playing in tournaments; it’s the example on page 17 of the user manual.


What this Hor$trategies screen does is flags races to be automatically passed if the conditions are met. How will you know this? Let’s look closer. Near the top right corner you’ll see a section named Threshold Control, which is where you will set up your “pass on races”, by choosing Always PASS. Note that you can also use Threshold Control to “always play” races, or make it harder/easier to choose a race, based on the conditions.


Now, what conditions do we want to use for always passing certain races? What you do is check the box for each condition you want to have impacted. In this example, I have many criteria: age, distance, wet, cheap allowance/claiming, and all maiden claiming. For each of these, you check the box (and change the value to their right, if required).


For the age conditions, I choose to PASS on these types of races:


For distance/wet, I choose (all year long):


For the class conditions, I choose to PASS on these types of races (all year long):


After you make all of your choices, you then give it a name (in the section in the lower left corner), either as New (to start with) or Existing (as you make adjustments). After you click on the correct Save button (there’s a separate one for New and for Existing), the last thing to do is to click on the Define button, in order to activate it. When you’re handicapping a race, this screen will pop up in the flow (see the example on page 32 of the updated User Manual) by selecting the Bypass button to keep going without making a change.