Your Satisfaction is GUARANTEED!!!

Unlike most handicapping programs that give you a short window for evaluation, I require that you use Hor$ense for a minimum of FIFTY (50) races in the PLAY category (Good or Marginal).

If Hor$ense shows a flat wager loss, then a refund will be in order under the following conditions, in which YOU:
  1. Keep accurate records of each race result (copies of results from a newspaper or full internet page ONLY)
  2. Keep all of the data files that you used (downloaded from BRIS or TrackMaster; I must have these to run comparisons)
  3. Save the Hor$ense race analysis results (analysis saved within Hor$ense preferred; printouts of final analysis may be used)
  4. Submit your request for a refund within SIX (6) months of the shipping date of your copy of Hor$ense

The reason for all of these conditions is that you will need to send all of the above information to me so that I can run the same races and verify your claim for a refund.  I require such extensive feedback because there have been a handful of people that have requested performance-based refunds, but only one time has someone been able to provide data to back up their claims.  I do a thorough job of analyzing your refund request, and suspicious refund requests will be questioned.  You can expect a preliminary finding from me, and if I determine that a refund is not warranted, I will work with you to make Hor$ense profitable.  As for record keeping, we should all be keeping records anyway... it took me a long time to figure than one out.  Quite honestly, you are more likely to return Hor$ense because you don't like the design than for performance.  I say that because I have granted about a dozen refunds of Hor$ense software since 1989, and only one has been performance related.

If a refund is granted, a nominal fee will be deducted to cover shipping and handling charge (usually less than $10)

Please read the License Agreement to understand each of our rights.

We support software anti-piracy... please see the USS Anti-Piracy Statement for details.