Unique Solutions Software
Anti-Piracy Statement

I am committed to software anti-piracy.  This product was not made with any pirated software, and I report all cases of software piracy to the appropriate authorities.

Why is this important?  Every year, illegal software makes its way into the hands of consumers; most don't know it, but others do.  This hurts developers of all sizes.  Consumers have no recourse under the law when purchasing pirated software; in the case of this product, you have no rights to the use of the software and are not considered a registered user.

In addition, illegally copying software is against the law AND owning illegally copied software is also criminal offense.  This means that anyone buying from pirates, whether knowingly or otherwise, is also at risk of arrest and prosecution.  Is the risk worth the few dollars that you will initially save?  Not in my eyes!

Bottom line: if you have illegally purchased this software, you have made an extremely poor ethical AND legal decision... as well as having given your money to a software pirate!