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2022 Work


As of 6/12/22


Handicapping Extraction – NEW ways to extract races!

1.      A “single track” card extraction option, chosen by the “current” date OR all race cards in the folder

2.      A “multi-track” card extraction option, for ALL races on a selected date



Handicapping Preparation – the Scratches & Changes Screen

1.      Program scratches changed via the text box entry can also be separated by a DASH (-) or DOT (.)

Before (dash):

Before (dot):



2.      On the Pass/PLAY screen, show the four category values that determine the decision


Horse Analysis – Interactive Mode ONLY

1.      On the Trouble screen:

a.      The Code entry box accepts multiple trouble codes in a single data entry (separated by a space)

b.      Changed more of trouble types, in name and impact (two examples below)

1.      Updated wording for code 12

2.      Allowed code 59 to apply to any place in the race (was stretch only)

2.      When selecting PP information, changes you make to the defaults are marked in a matching color code

3.      When displaying PPs, now shows the class difference from the current race

4.      On the Hor$marts screen, defaults are now provided for ALL facets:

a.      Generic default example

b.      Special adjustment for the PAST CLASS facet

c.       Special adjustment for the CURRENT CLASS facet (long layoff)

d.      Special adjustment for the CURRENT CLASS facet (class difference; 5=same, 6=better, 7=worse)



Race Analysis

1.      On the Race Summary screen, provided a button that shows the four category values for the race


2.      The Summary Analysis now compares the Expert Mock Odds to the AM Line



3.      Changed Hor$ense Final Analysis title to Final Analysis - Facets Ratings


Race History (aka Hor$tats) upgrades/updates for PPs – for Word file ONLY

1.      Added age conditions for the PPs

2.      Display the raw class difference for the PPs, compared to the current race


NOTE: These are for the Word file print option; they aren’t available when sent directly to the printer


General Updates

1.      Completed the addition of the all-weather track information for Gulfstream Park

2.      Added the NEW “one mile chute” dirt distance at Saratoga

3.      Found more “bugs” that impacted certain displays (NOT any calculations)