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2021 Work


As of 6/8/21


Handicapping Preparation – the Scratches & Changes Screen

1.      Program scratches can be changed via the NEW text box entry

-    only available for the first 16 horses in the field (not available on rarely used Page 2)

2.      Scratched horses are highlighted in Pink (for Program scratches) or Gray (for Early scratches)



3.      Changed the “behind the scenes” values for the three "NOT LISTED" jockey types (good, average, bad)


Horse Analysis – Interactive Mode ONLY

1.      On the Trouble screen:

a.      Preset the “long layoff” (code 77) whenever the “Extra PP” is used.


2.      On the Trouble screen:

a.      The Code entry box accepts the trouble location position; more keyboard friendly

b.      Changed some of trouble types to allow use at any point in the race

Ex., Stopped was only in the Stretch

3.      For Hor$martsToo, the Hor$martsPlus “second-level” (manual) adjustment for PPs:

a.      Refined the PACE/TRIP and FINISH to accept one significant digit (tenths), for ALL three calls

b.      Changed the SPEED explanation to show the “fast” threshold used; formerly used the Low value

Shown for “fast last 1/8 mile”; also used for a “fast finish”


Race Analysis

1.      Changed the Current Class layout by adding the Combined column, which adds up Normal + w/FINISH

2.      Added the Jockey and Trainer names to the Race Analysis, for the printout and on the Analysis screen


NOTE: the Analysis screen uses a “mouse-over” to display individual names (unable to show here)

3.      Updated the DIG DEEP - SINGLE HORSE Analysis feature:

a.      Moved the horse name and saddle cloth number to the top of the section

b.      Updated the text for the wording of the in-money, jockey & trainer

c.       Corrected numeric formatting and the associated "percentage bars" (Word only)


4.      Behind the scenes, adjusted the “lost lengths on the turns” calculation for one-turn routes:

-    1 1/16 miles on turf at Belmont Park

-    1 mile on dirt at Churchill Downs


Race History (aka Hor$tats) upgrades/updates – for Word file ONLY

1.      Colored the race surface text in the header (dirt, turf, all-weather, wet)


2.      For the Summary Rankings, aligned all "speed" ratings across the first row grouping, and moved the power rating & pedigree to second row grouping


NOTE: These are for the Word file print option; they aren’t available when sent directly to the printer


General Updates

1.      Created a “Canadian tracks” purse adjustment (updated ANNUALLY, based on the CAN to USA exchange rate)

2.      Updated the Santa Anita turf information:

a.      Removed the “about 6 1/2 furlong” downhill race distance and “3-year best time”

b.      Updated the turf profile with the new front and back chute information