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2020 Work


As of 5/11/20



1.      Expanding Pre-Screening Profiling with a Master Profile (aka Hor$ystem)

2.      Added “toggle” options for both “Wet/Dry” conditions & Automated/Interactive handicapping modes


3.      More refined evaluation & analysis for synthetic track races

4.      Added an analysis option to have the post position of the race influence the SPEED and PACE/TRIP, by comparing the race distance with the track’s configuration

5.      Changed the Maintenance Menu layout

6.      Extended trouble line used during horse evaluation for Interactive handicapping


Race History – Hor$tats (formerly Mock “form”) upgrades/updates

NOTE: These are for the Word file print option only; they will not be available when sent directly to the print queue

1.      Ability to color code of “favorite” and “longshot” odds thresholds, which you set

2.      Identify “plus” breeding with color coding, with a “pedigree points” summary (the sires lists are user-maintained)

3.      More “Best Speed” selections

4.      A “dry dirt” record line in the horse’s record box, “best speed figure” and pedigree

5.      Graying out of non-applicable surfaces

6.      Better jockey name matching (last name, then “smart matching” of first name/initial)

NOTE: “smart matching” also being used to remove erroneous trainer changes (usually for foreign trainers)

7.      Field size for PPs (i.e., “4/9” means post 4 in a field of 9)


8.      Added the “sealed” track indicator

9.      Added “one-turn route” indicator

10.  Added “favorite” indicator

11.  Changed the trouble text separator to make reading easier and more consistent

12.  Added a Summary Rankings section (after the last horse)


Updates & Nice-to-Have

1.      Better SPEED evaluation and analysis for the “last 1/8 mile” of a race

2.      Updated the Race Summary analysis screen to show more relevant information (Wet/Dry, Handicapping Mode); also reorganized the overall layout


General Clean-up

1.      Right-justified columns for the various Analysis results (both for dark blue screens and printouts to the Word file

2.      Fixed the 64-bit uncompression issue with 7-zip, now working from within the program (requires 7-zip tool to be loaded)