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2019 Work


As of 6/19/19



1.      System Settings (Hor$etup) now allows you to:

a.      treat Dirt and All Weather as separate surfaces, just like Dirt and Turf

b.      use JCapper files (generated by the JCapper customer)

c.       choose the Word font option (Lucida Console or Courier New)

d.      raise or lower the overall “pass/play” decision limit, from -10 to +10 percent

2.      Pre-Screening Profile setup (Hor$trategy) option: change the handicapping mode (Fully Automated vs Interactive) when that Hor$trategy is in use

3.      Facet Thresholds setup option: allows user-adjusted minimizing of the penalty for missing analysis data

4.      Facet Selection profile change: allow “relative” profiles to change the supporting facets (when applying them to the generic profile)

5.      Allow a distance change for a race that changes surface

6.      Changed race screening color (to light yellow, from light red) for MARGINAL "PASS" races

7.      Fully Automated handicapping: will select PP Speed or Finish data if it's "missing", but only if the Hor$etup Auto‑Set option is turned on for either of those facets

8.      MAJOR upgrade to class evaluations, sharpening the estimates by incorporating [1] specific track class profiles AND [2] actual purse values

9.      Changed class designation for "optional" claimers and maiden claimers (for both the race and PPs), from the claiming price to the purse value

10.  Made "front runner" pace harder to get in smaller fields; the estimated position can only be “in the lead” at the first or second call if the actual PP lengths back is 1/2 of a length or less at that call


Mock “form” upgrades/updates

NOTE: Many of these are for the Word file print option only; most will not be sent directly to the print queue

1.      Added wording (in color), right above the race details, for:

a.      surface changes

b.      change of distance (usually tied to a surface change)

c.       an all-weather race

d.      a one-turn mile race

e.      "wet" conditions

2.      Rearranged horse information (not the PPs), in order to make these additions:

a.      sales info (stud fee, auction price/info)

b.      “Best Speed” values for: Dry Dirt, Distance, Turf, Mud; this comes directly from the data vendor

c.       a horse Record Box for: @Track, @Distance, Synthetic

d.      color coded horse information (in the Pedigree, Best Speed & Record Box sections) for: Turf, Mud, Synthetic

3.      Fixed horse in-money Record Box to reflect the actual year for both years, instead of "This Yr" and "Last Yr"

4.      Highlighted changes to Equipment & Medications with color

5.      Will blank out the "J/T Combo" information when the Jockey and/or the Trainer are changed (data is always tied to the original J/T and would be incorrect)

6.      Upgraded PP information:

a.      Made multiple updates for PP formats/colors:

1)      all-weather PPs are identified by using brown highlighting

2)      moved the speed number(s) directly to the right of the final time

3)      identifying "optional" claimers and maiden claimers in PPs, by replacing the claiming price with purse value and adding a "p" at the end

4)      PP jockey name will be highlighted in green whenever it matches the current race jockey

5)      these items will be highlighted gray if there is not a match for either the surface type (turf, dirt, synthetic) OR the condition (wet vs dry): Date, Track, Race Number, Surface Type/Condition, Distance

b.      Added the PP race number

c.       MAJOR upgrade to show the "layoff lines" that are internally used in Expert (revived this from V4 in 1990)


Updates & Nice-to-Have

1.      Added the ability to identify one-turn mile races, and a Hor$etup option to treat them as sprints for screening

2.      Changed the low-end AI trigger for the number of races run for the Jockey analysis (from 6 to 15)

3.      Raised the Past Class activation threshold, by raising the minimum purse value (from $46,000 to $55,000)

4.      Changed the horse evaluation screen color (from yellow to blue)

5.      For the PP viewing and horse evaluation screens, the all-weather races are properly identified (by displaying the "A")

6.      Changed the default color of all the PPs in the PP viewing screen, for increased readability

7.      For the Trouble screen, if the original PP speed was unselected and the user selects that PP then the number for the "A Long Layoff" choice will be automatically inserted

8.      Updated the Trouble screen to show all of the trouble types without scrolling

9.      Updated some of the Trouble “impact” values and added more trouble types

10.  Changed the internal threshold value for triggering field AI analysis for speed (from 1 second to 0.75 seconds)

11.  Updated the wording of the race summary analysis on the Summary Analysis (dark blue) screen


General Clean-up

1.      Created a mapping for the track code of CTM (Century Mile) whenever a code of CML is encountered in a PP, due BRIS using the CML code for their internal use

2.      Fixed an issue with high-priced allowance PPs registering too low in value

3.      Fixed an issue for determining second-tier Stakes PPs (i.e., starter handicaps)

4.      Fixed an issue with the code for the class-based speed analysis, where values were being set too high or low

5.      Corrected the current class analysis heading "CC vs FIN", as it displayed values in the analysis for MAX and MIN (changed from ± 0.5 to ± 0.8); the data is correct, just the display was wrong